Hydraulic Lifts

We are pleased to provide you with our services in the field of Hydraulic Lifts, we supply, we install, maintain Hydraulic Lifts, and provide preventive maintenance services (proactive). Ateco is an Agent of Moris-Mylift, it's one of the best manufacturer in Italy for a complete Hydraulic lifts package.

Hydraulic Lifts Platform:

MyLifts is the hydraulic lifting platform ideal to remove architectonic barriers. Mylifts improves quality of life by facilitating mobility in autonomy also to people with mobility impairments.


By using the most advanced technologies, the installation is quick and non-invasive: it doesn’t require large structural, with very low cost of purchasing and running.Its versatility allows its use in various contexts, from residential to commercial and public.

Ateco platform lift

Hydraulic Lifts by ATECO

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