Air Conditioner Elevator


We have an exclusive agency for elevator air conditioner product and we can install it at any elevator cabinet.

we installed one unit in Savoy sharm elsheik for Thyssen elevator also one unit for marina company and one unit in villa in Beverly hills shaikh zaied
we have an experience in this product for installation and service and we guarantee this product for one year.

this product is very important for hospitals, business buildings which has a large quantity of employees and always has a crowded cabinet, high travel distance buildings also it is very important for people has a panic in case there is a fault in elevator and stopped between two floors.

The elevator air conditioner makes the vertical transportation more comfortobale.

Dear sir, we are looking to cooperate with your esteemed company.

For elevator less than or equal to 1350 kg load capacity.

Size                           :  545 * 455 * 435 mm
                                    ( Depth * Width * Height )
Weight                       :  39 KG
Rated cooling            : 2600 w
Air circulation            : 430 M3/H
Cool running current : 4.3 A
Voltage /Frequency   : 220 – 230 V ,  50 HZ

Controlling model manual or auto running
The elevator air conditioner is installed above frame of the Cabinet or by rack not directly on the cabinet.

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