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Full Maintenace & Repair systems


Assayyadco trade Elevator, Inc. provides Full-Maintenance and Repair Services for every type of elevator regardless of manufacturer.

Full Maintenance

True preventive maintenance

is the best way to maximize the return on your elevator investment. Many people rely on a building's vertical transportation system daily and the safe/reliable operation of this equipment is of paramount importance to the owners, the management company, and ultimately the tenants and visitors who travel throughout these buildings daily. Assayyadco trade Elevator, Inc. offers quality Preventative Maintenance Programs that will:
■  Reduce downtime and complaints by up to 80%
■  Cut repair costs
■  Extend service life
■  Improve safety & reliability
■  Save money

In addition, smooth running elevators even cost less to run.

We offer the follwing Maintenance Service Programs:

FPM (Full Protective Maintenance Program Agreement)
Regularly and systematically examine, adjust, lubricate and, whenever required by the wear and tear of normal elevator usage, repair or replace the equipment.
Furnish all parts, tools equipment, lubricants, cleaning compounds and cleaning equipment. Relamp all signals as required during regular examinations.
Vandalism and code changes are not covered under this plan.

FM ( Full Maintenance Program Agreement)
Regular examination of the elevator equipment including lubrication of the machine, motor, brake, governor, generator, selector, all hoistway door parts including door hangers, tracks, locking mechanisms and closures; car top including sliding guides or roller guides, door engine related mechanisms such as rails, sheaves, buffers or any other related device requiring lubrication
Furnishing the following supplies and when necessary: Metal and Carbon contacts, contact springs, contact insulators, braided and wire connectors, contact holders, arc barriers, distance pieces for any of the controller switches or any mechanical switch using such; Hoistway interlock contacts limit switch contacts or any contact used in the hoistway; Lubricating oils, grease and cleaning materials
Scheduling and performing the annual safety test.
Making minor adjustments to the equipment at the time of the regular service interval.
Providing emergency minor call service between regular examinations. This service shall be limited to two hours per call. All time in excess of two hours will be billed at our regular straight time billing rates.

LS (Lubrication Service Agreement)
The following is covered under this plan: The labor necessary for the making of one examination of the elevator equipment per monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly. This examination includes the following: cleaning and oiling machine, motor, interlocks, and controller; greasing or oiling of guides, and minor adjustment disclosed as reasonably necessary at the time of the regular examinations. Any descrepancies are reported in writing. Lubrication oil included.

Repair Services

We offer a wide range of repair services and replacement parts for different vertical transportation equipment manufacturers.
We offer a wide range of repair services and replacement parts for different vertical transportation equipment manufacturers.

No matter the type or age, we can:
■  Repair damage caused by misuse or wear
■  Replace obsolete parts
■  Correct code violations
■  And more!

We provide 24-hour service for your emergency needs.

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